Post Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:30 am

August 2017 club-ride -Date changed

This ride will now take place on August 26th 9:00 am and will pair up with a benefit ride for one of our members:

Benefit Ride for Craig Bankston, aka RedneckRhino, RedneckRanger
Date, time and location:
• Saturday Aug 26th 2017
• 9am at Windrock ATV park,
• Lower mine shed parking lot area

This ride has been created for Craig long standing member of the Windrock ATV club, a good friend for over 10 years, and an overall outstanding riding buddy to have on the trail.

Last year Craig was diagnosed with "Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage 4 Brain Cancer" and shortly after he underwent surgery and is currently doing Chemo and wearing an optune device for this condition, Craig is always in our thoughts and prayers, as this benefit is being put on to help Craig and Dana with some of their expenses.

Ride shall start on windrock property and will on occasion cross onto TWRA property, thus not only shall a windrock pass be required, a TWRA pass shall also be required. Ride barring any setbacks should return to windrock parking lot by 6pm. A donation is requested at time of ride, likewise if you'd like to stop by and donate and not ride, that would be great to. In conjunction a GO FUND page has been setup for Craig, for which anyone can donate to at any time link to follow at end of this announcement and to be posted on Facebook. Dan and I (Ernie) shall be leading this ride and hope for a great turn-out and support for a fellow rider. Depending on precipitation and turn-out another ride may follow at a different designation.

Small update, Dan and I have set an ambitious/spirited route for this ride of approximately 60 miles we hope to achieve. Depending on trail conditions and pace of ride this course maybe altered as the ride unfolds. This ride may contain a few gravel roads but that just to get from one trail to another. Some of the trails included on this ride will be trail 18, 28, 57, 12, 9 just to name a few. In hopes to achieve these 60 or so miles we hope to have a bit faster pace and limit the stops, we’ll also be eating lunch somewhere on the trail, so bring something to munch on. Dan and I’s machines are pretty much stock except for aftermarket tires, we per ran this route this past Saturday July 29th, without incident, though we may had to rethink our lines of attack a time or two. Now this ride will not be an easy ride nor is it extreme but it is going to be fun, as that’s what riding is all about. I ask you to come out, support and donate to Craig’s fund, you don’t have to ride with the group you can donate and take off and set your own course for the day, choice is always yours, be safe and hope to see a good turnout August 26th, God bless America and keep our troops safe. This shall also double as the monthly WRATVC ride, though all are welcome to attend. AS stated before this ride will at times cross into TRWA properties thus not only is a Windrock pass required so will a TWRA pass be required.

There also has been a go-fund set up for Craig if anyone would like to donate that way also, attached is the link below:
Swampazz Riders
Windrock and Royal Blue Rangers ATV Club-Member