Post Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:20 pm

NV ATV riding sites

I went out west again this year and took my ATV. First place that I road was in an official ATV area just west of Ely, NV just past the town of Ruth.
There was a staging area. Trails were marked and given letter names. I started riding the "A" trail. It could have been driven by someone
in a jeep; it was that wide. The trail markers were few and far between. I saw lots of trails that intersected it which weren't on the big map and the trailhead kiosk.
There were a few hills around. I rode the "A" trail till I came near a highway. I thought it was a different highway so I headed west. Actually I was just west of the starting point. I wound up going north and farther west. It got quite scenic, and there were some hills and several trails. Eventually I came to a dirt road which led me back to the highway. A rancher passing by confirmed my suspicions on where I was and how to get back. By this time I thought that I was short of gas so I had to take my chances riding on the shoulder of the highway. I made it back to the staging area. It seemed that I had some gas so I started on trail "B". That got to narrow for a jeep. After a while it turned into a motorcycle trail, and it was hard to get my ATV through. I wished that I had know about that before starting. I came to a rather steep part of the trail and then found a way down which was not so steep. The trail eventually led to near the top of the hill with a nice view. I followed the trail down and around the edge of the mountain/hill. It was mostly a motorcycle trail then and it was off camber. I was concerned about flipping the ATV. I made it through that and the trail eventually opened up to a road near the end. The trail markers were few and far between. I had to guess which way the trail went sometimes by looking at the tracks and deciding which had the most traffic. I would not travel on that again from end to end with an ATV. It is for motorcycles.

A few days later I went to the Silver State OHV trail. This is the most publicized one and an official ATV trail system. At the tourist info booths they give away brochures n this. I parked in the staging area at the far North. It also doubled as a campground. It was hot that day, sunny and with a little wind. I did not see anyone out on the trails even though I rode over 30 miles. The trail started out in a valley that went for miles with mountains on the sides. The trail climbed up and through a mountain range. On the other side you came out into another valley. It had mountains on both sides and went for as far as the eye could see. The desert is deceiving for what seems a few miles away may be 10 or 20. I rode a long ways and then the trail finally crossed the mountain range. The scenery had all been pretty much the same. The trail went north and then crossed back to the valley and same trail where I was before. When I went back North there was another different loop that I took back. It climbed up a mountain to a pass. There was a spring up there and it had a very nice view. There was some wind which helped me keep from overheating. Then it went to lower elevation and crossed through a grazing area with some fences and cattle guards. I had to open one gate and again was not sure if it was the right way. I kept going and came to a spring and found that I was on the right trail. Eventually it came out to a road which I had come by on the way to cross the mountains. I found a signpost marking the trail laying on the ground. Someone had knocked it down. I put it back in and some rocks around it to stand it up again. When I got back to my trailer I was hot and probably dehydrated being in the sun all day in the high altitude desert. This ATV trail has some interesting scenery but for miles it was somewhat bumpy and looked the same.