Post Sat May 06, 2017 6:38 pm

FL- Ocala National Forest

The temperature was going to be cooler so I thought that I would check out Ocala National Forest OHV/ATV riding area. ... 5&actid=93
I had 2 pay $10.00 for 3 days usage. There are over 200 miles of trails. I rode about 59 miles today including most of the longleaf OHV trail.
The brochures recommend going slow to see the scenery. But the scenery all looks so similar. Sometimes there is an open area with large fields that you can see. Sometimes the forest is impenetrable, and sometimes it is just difficult to walk around the palmetto plants. Some of the trails are narrow, butbig enough for a UTV. All the trails that I rode were sandy. Sometimes you would come to a banked sandy turn. It was tempting to increase the speed, but the trails are 2 way. It is hard in many places to see very far ahead. So you risk running into someone head on, if you are not careful. That is probably why they want you to go slow, or there way of making you go slow. It is riding areas like this one where I can appreciate the requirements in some CO counties to have liability insurance. Most of the trails are sandy but about every 20 ft have dips in them. I could only ride up to about 17mph before the bumps became to uncomfortable. Riding my ATV was just like driving a motorboat and going over waves. I saw some contours on my GPS topo map, but this riding is mostly flat. There are also signs saying that it is bear country. I drove through a campground on one of the trails.