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Epic Ride - Windrocker for Life!




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Epic Ride - Windrocker for Life!

Mid April 2015... the week before the spring jamboree! I packed up my brand new Suzuki King Quad and headed for the mountains. I had heard about Windrock from a guy I met out on a local trail in my hometown of Jacksonville Florida. He said if I had not been to windrock I was was definitely missing out! I called ahead and booked my RV spot w/ Vickey, I remember her being very friendly and willing to take the time to answer all of my questions. Fast forward to my arrival and I remember being amazed with the facility, mountains and view from the campgrounds. I quickly unloaded my ATV and set up camp, rushing so I could scope out the property and get my bearings for the following days ride. I soon found myself at the general store talking to the staff and purchasing a couple maps. I headed back to camp confident that tomorrow was going to be the start of a perfect day on the trails. The following morning I was quick to jump up and head out. I headed to the general store and planned to leave out on T22. I stopped to ask a few more questions and that's when I met Bill, Rob, Dan, Eric & Raul... come to find out these guys had also made the trip up from Florida. Bill saw that I was alone and suggested that I join their group of 5.... 4 in their group had Polaris Razor's while Raul and I had 4x4 ATV's. One thing we all had in common was this was our first time on Windrock mountain, everyone was ready to put in some serious riding and hit the trails... Rob led the pack and off we went! I don't know the specifics of what trails we rode, but I do remember hitting multiple red/blk trails and in awe of all of the new leaves on the trees along with water everywhere! We saw a couple awesome waterfalls, many stream crossings and plenty of rocks, steep assends, declines and I think one of the trails took us from the bottom of the mountain straight to the top! We put in at least 10 hours each day on the trails including Friday when we got caught in a storm while up in the clouds. Have you every heard thunder at the same time you saw lighting strike? It definitely makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.....right? Imagine that same hair raising sound when your literally in the clouds. I think we all mashed the gas and headed anywhere that pointed down the mountain! We made it back to camp in record time soaked to the bone, but cheezing from ear to ear! A few days into our trip we stumbled upon some directions that led us to a burger joint in the neighborhood beyond the Windrock pavilion! Something about a destination out on the trail is kinda like searching for treasure on a treasure map! ( side note... I wish more riding facilities would implement this and similar type of destinations out on the trail. A lake with a dock and rope swing or a zip line and food truck or even a designated tent camping area between Windrock & another neighboring trail system to spend the night out on the trail would really be a great feature for families with a couple kiddos... ) in closing, I must say that 6 guys riding for 5 ten hour days and we did not get stuck, break anything was a small Miracle... I have since purchased a RZR XP4 Turbo and re-visited the rock with the whole family this past July. It was awesome too, but for a whole different set of reasons! I plan to return this coming April and look forward to the cool weather, rain in the forecast and plenty of adventure!!!

Be on the look out for some photos! I'll post next time I'm at the computer...

If another family is planning a trip April 10 thru April 20 2017 and wants to get together in the trail PM me or shoot me a text at: 9 zero 4 . 3 one 6 . 4 five 5 five......
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Re: Epic Ride - Windrocker for Life!

Welcome and good post!!

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Re: Epic Ride - Windrocker for Life!

Welcome ,hope to see you on the Mt some time.
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Re: Epic Ride - Windrocker for Life!

I believe those dates are during the Spring Jamboree ain't they ?
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